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Social Media Proof Your Relationship

Social media can have a bad impact on relationships. Social media relationships can start to replace real-life relationships when life gets difficult and couples have to go through some difficult times. If you want to make sure that your relationship is strong enough to withstand the temptations of social media there are some things that you can do. Start practicing these healthy relationship habits to make your relationship social media proof. Before watching the Emmy Awards for 2018

Schedule Device Free Time

Making time for the two of you to spend together is very important in a relationship. Even if you’re just watching a movie or going for a walk. Leave the cell phones and tablets turned off. Focus on each other and not on your devices. Date nights are a great idea, but you don’t have to have to date night to have device-free time. The time that you spend together could be as simple as having a cup of coffee together in the morning before you go to work or having a drink at night after work. But use that time to really focus on each other. This will really make your relationship social media proof in the long run. 

social media proof
Schedule Time Together As A Couple

Never Take Your Complaints To Social Media

This is a very important step in protecting your relationship against social media damage. When you fight, or when you are annoyed with each other, don’t go on social media and complain about them. Don’t message your friends complaining. Don’t publicly call them out. Leave your complaints off of social media. Have respect for your partner and for your relationship by not inviting the entire Internet to weigh in on your relationship. There are no winners when fights and disagreements become social media posts. Also, is it really anyone’s business when you and your partner are having a fight? No, it’s not. 

Be Able To Fight Fair

Every couple fights at some point. But in order to resolve a fight constructively, you both need to fight fair. That means no bringing up the past, no talking about issues not related to whatever the fight is about, and no hacking Facebook messages. If you’re fighting about dirty dishes neither person can take jabs at the other for something they said or did on social media trying to make the fight worse or vent their feelings. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and say things you will regret. Always fight fair and remember you are on the same team. The relationship team, so think before you speak. 

social media proof
Learn To Communicate Better

Learn How To Communicate Better

Social media communication is very different from real life communication. If you can communicate fine on social media but have trouble in real life. Try talking to your partner about issues take a class in communication for couples so that both of you can learn how to deal with issues constructively. Make sure your relationship is social media proof if communication is your issue. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about the top 3 music biopics of our time.