A background search will let you know if you're inviting a potential criminal to your home for the holidays.

The Best Christmas Songs for December

We’re right in the middle of the holiday season! These days, many people don’t celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, but they still spend the day with family and loved ones. It’s also the time of year where single people look for someone to celebrate the holiday with. If you’re one of those people, make sure you run a background search on your date. It’s the best way to find out if you’re about to invite a criminal over to your home for Christmas dinner.

Regardless of how you feel about Christmas, it’s hard to deny that it’s one of the holidays with the best music. Over the years, there have been so many great Christmas songs, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. That’s why today it’s time to count down some of the best ones that are out there so you have the perfect holiday playlist to play for your family.

Top Christmas Songs

All I Want for Christmas is You

This hit by Mariah Carey might just be the most popular Christmas song. It’s one of the catchiest and most upbeat festive tunes, which could be why people love it so much. It isn’t my personal favorite, but it is for many other people.

Happy Holidays

This one, on the other hand, is definitely one of my favorite Christmas songs. It’s by Andy Williams and has an old school feel. If you don’t know this song by name, just click “play” on the above video to listen to it. I’ve been listening to it since October!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Another Andy Williams hit – you can’t make a list about Christmas songs without including this one. I didn’t realize how much I listened to him until I realized that this song and Happy Holidays were two of my favorite holiday songs. Listening to Andy Williams might be one of my favorite parts about December.

The Christmas Song

If I could only have one Christmas song, this would be the one I would keep. It’s the kind of song that takes you back to the Christmases you had when you were a kid. You can recreate this magical feeling with loved ones or even a new date – as long as you perform a background search on them beforehand. The Christmas Song makes it hard to not get into the spirit of the holiday!

White Christmas

Another great baritone like Andy Williams, Bing Crosby is one of the voices that make Christmas music what it is today. The holiday just isn’t complete without at least one Bing Crosby song on my playlist.


One of the best places to make a Christmas playlist is on Spotify. It’s what I used to make my own holiday playlist this year. Because it connects with your Facebook account, you can share your playlists and favorite songs with your friends. Did you just meet someone for the first time? You can actually use a background search to find their Facebook account and add them on Spotify! Be sure to share your Christmas playlist with all of your friends.

There's no need to know how to catch a cheater in a healthy relationship.

The Hallmarks Of A Happy Relationship

Our whole lives are surrounded by our relationships with other people. Perhaps the most important one is our relationship with our life partner. That’s why you need to be sure that you’re both happy with each other. There’s no detective work on how to catch a cheater. Instead, there is trust, openness, and affection. Continue reading to discover some of the most telling aspects of a healthy, happy relationship.

You Grow Together

Are you the best possible version of you when you're with them?
Do you bring out the best in each other?

Are you the same person you were ten, five, or even two years ago? Probably not. And your significant other shouldn’t be, either. You shouldn’t be challenging each other every second of the day, but it’s also important that you aren’t stagnant. Ideally, you and your partner should be building each other up and ultimately becoming the best possible version of yourselves. If you feel that you’ve both become more mature, successful people since your relationship began, it’s a happy one.

There Is A Deep Level Of Trust

It’s honestly frightening to be in a committed relationship with someone that you do not trust. It creates a sense of anxiety that can affect your overall well-being. Are there any hints that you need to figure out how to catch a cheater? What about signs of broken promises and lies? You’ll know you’re in a happy, secure relationship when you don’t have to worry about your partner going behind your back.

Open Communication

Sometimes, without even being conscious of it, people are prone to keeping secrets. But here’s the thing – you need to be completely open with your partner, especially if you’re living and/or raising children together. There can’t be any huge secrets between the two of you. This includes lying by omission as well. Your partner needs to know everything about the person they’ve decided to spend the rest of their life with. When you’re both completely open with each other, you’ll be happy knowing that there’s a mutual level of understanding.

A loving, healthy relationship can emotionally lift you up and may even assist with physical ailments. You’ll notice a difference in your overall well-being when you find happiness in your relationships with the people around you. What do you think? Contact me and share your thoughts. I may publish them in my next blog entry.