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Social Media Proof Your Relationship

Social media can have a bad impact on relationships. Social media relationships can start to replace real-life relationships when life gets difficult and couples have to go through some difficult times. If you want to make sure that your relationship is strong enough to withstand the temptations of social media there are some things that you can do. Start practicing these healthy relationship habits to make your relationship social media proof. Before watching the Emmy Awards for 2018

Schedule Device Free Time

Making time for the two of you to spend together is very important in a relationship. Even if you’re just watching a movie or going for a walk. Leave the cell phones and tablets turned off. Focus on each other and not on your devices. Date nights are a great idea, but you don’t have to have to date night to have device-free time. The time that you spend together could be as simple as having a cup of coffee together in the morning before you go to work or having a drink at night after work. But use that time to really focus on each other. This will really make your relationship social media proof in the long run. 

social media proof
Schedule Time Together As A Couple

Never Take Your Complaints To Social Media

This is a very important step in protecting your relationship against social media damage. When you fight, or when you are annoyed with each other, don’t go on social media and complain about them. Don’t message your friends complaining. Don’t publicly call them out. Leave your complaints off of social media. Have respect for your partner and for your relationship by not inviting the entire Internet to weigh in on your relationship. There are no winners when fights and disagreements become social media posts. Also, is it really anyone’s business when you and your partner are having a fight? No, it’s not. 

Be Able To Fight Fair

Every couple fights at some point. But in order to resolve a fight constructively, you both need to fight fair. That means no bringing up the past, no talking about issues not related to whatever the fight is about, and no hacking Facebook messages. If you’re fighting about dirty dishes neither person can take jabs at the other for something they said or did on social media trying to make the fight worse or vent their feelings. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and say things you will regret. Always fight fair and remember you are on the same team. The relationship team, so think before you speak. 

social media proof
Learn To Communicate Better

Learn How To Communicate Better

Social media communication is very different from real life communication. If you can communicate fine on social media but have trouble in real life. Try talking to your partner about issues take a class in communication for couples so that both of you can learn how to deal with issues constructively. Make sure your relationship is social media proof if communication is your issue. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about the top 3 music biopics of our time.  

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Top 3 Music Biopic Films

Biopic Films


In the last 20 years or so, it seems like music biopic films are making their way back to cinemas. Some are good, some are terrible, and some are just okay. Knowing the backstory of some of the best musicians is no doubt an interest to many of us. It is good to know that there are people out there who care about portraying the truth of someone’s life. This includes the good and the bad, while still honoring their artistry. More modern films like the Avengers Infinity War just don’t have the same feel. Here are 3 of the best music biopics to come out in recent years. 


biopic films
Johnny Cash was one of the best country singers of all time


Walk the Line


The biopic film, Walk the Line, starred Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash and Reese Witherspoon as June Carter. This film documented the life of one of the biggest country music legends. The reason this film is amazing is because it showed the not so glamorous parts of Johnny’s life. This included his addiction to pills and multiple affairs on first wife. If phones existed back then, his first wife could have spied on his text messages to catch his affairs. However, it does show the beautiful aspects as well.

The movie portrays how difficult it can be to have your voice heard in society. You will see the golden age of music that has hasn’t existed before or since. Perhaps the best part is getting to see the redemption of Johnny’s life. This is after his addiction to pills when he actually started to get healthy. This movie does have adult themes, so it is not suggested for children. If you are looking for a heartfelt movie, Walk the Line is a must see.


Get on Up


Get on up is a biopic film about the life of singer James Brown. This 2014 movie starred Chadwick Boseman from Black Panther. The film has been described as a non-linear narrative as if it’s through James Brown’s stream of consciousness. It does a wonderful job documenting James’s life from a young child to an unstable adult. It starts with him as a young child living in the country, to first realizing he has talent to sing in his teen years.

Then it progresses into his adulthood when he started to become mentally unstable. The movie is backed up with a killer soundtrack which is always a plus. The movie is filled with exciting singing and dancing. However, be aware that this is not the easiest movie to watch. It openly shows the anger, abuse and heartache that the singer went through. Even though there are intense themes, the film is still worth watching. 


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Music notes on a page


Straight Outta Compton


Straight Outta Compton is a biopic film from 2015. The movie tells the rise and fall of Gangsta Rap group N.W.A. It mainly focuses on Eazy-E, Ice Cube and Dr.Dre. It portrays their days of fighting for their lives on the streets of Compton to their first record and success. After their groundbreaking success, the movie also showed their eventual breakup and eventual reconciliation.

This film gives a window into the hardships they faced as successful young black man. They came from rough upbringings and lived in a culture with many poor young black men. This movie is a tear jerker and an honest depiction of the highs and lows of being a rapper. In society we tend to only notice the highs of being a star, not the behind the scenes of it. There are other amazing biopic films, but I found these to be the most memorable. If you love movies, then check out these great movies with Robin Williams

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The Serious Roles of Robin Williams

Robin Williams movies have defined a generation, and his passing had an effect on the whole world. While he was mostly known for his comedic roles, his more serious parts have had an equal, if not bigger, lasting impression on those who have seen it. Here are two must see films where the incredible actor shows us he could be sensitive and mournful–like how it feels when you need to learn how to catch a cheater–while still maintaining that same Robin Williams spirit many came to know and love.

Two of Robin Williams’ Serious Roles

“What Dreams May Come”

Directed by Vincent Ward and winning the Academy Award for best visual effects, this 1998 Drama is an incredible story dealing with death, mourning, the afterlife and new life. The film centers around a man named Chris who we learn quickly is in a season of heartache as both of his children recently died in a car accident. In a sad twist of irony, he too dies in a car accident on the year anniversary of his children’s accident. At least he wasn’t a bad parent or husband and his wife didn’t need to learn how to catch a cheater.

How to catch a cheater always is important to research.
A scene from What Dreams May Come.

The main story of the film is Chris being guided around the afterlife by a few memorable and lovable spirit guides (one being Cuba Gooding Jr). Chris visits Heaven, Hell, in between places and the darkest of the dark. While this film is visually stunning, it can be a hard watch as it does deal with hard topics. Some would say it is one of Robin’s best performances, but it flew under the radar as it does address tough questions like where we go when we die, what happens to those who commit suicide and so on. So watch at your own risk, but it is worth a viewing.

“Patch Adams”

Based on the true story of an innovative doctor, comes a semi-autobiography, comedy-drama that was a huge success in the box office in 1998. Williams plays Patch Adams, a doctor who has the idea that joy can bring just as much healing has medicine to those with terminal illnesses. His belief was that children and adults alike need laughter during such hard times in their life’s. During his years in medical school, he clashed with the dean as his beliefs and methods seemed ridiculous when compared with the medical practice that had always worked. To Adams, the approach most professionals were taking seemed to lack connection and purpose with patience, so he sets out to change things, and he does just that. And again, no need for any information on how to catch a cheater.

Now while this film is full of humorous moments and belly laughter comedy, it comes with hard and heart-breaking scenes as well. Death happens, murder happens, people passing away from different causes, so take caution before watching this with the whole family. This movie teaches you there is room to dream, and there is always a way to find new avenues that bring healing.

Again, we all know Robin Williams and his signature comedy style, but if you are looking for a change of pace in classic films that go a little deeper into the human experience, please give these two films a chance! Another great film is I am David. Take a read about it here.

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I Am David

These days, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find a movie that’s great for the whole family. The good news is, there are actually a lot of them out there. You can learn about them by consulting the Internet for answers, like you would with a cell phone lookup. I Am David is one of those movies. It stars Jim Caviezel, who also played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. The main protagonist is an unknown actor, who plays the boy named David.

Though it isn’t necessarily the most entertaining movie in the world, I Am David is an excellent film for inspiring your kids or maybe even a classroom of students. It’s a beautiful film that’s full of restoration and redemption. David was at some sort of prison camp, but he was able to escape. He spends the movie following the directions he was given in an attempt to make it to Denmark. When he gets there, he finds something that changes his life forever.

I Am David Review

An Inspiring Film

In my opinion, I Am David is an incredibly inspiring film. It’s great to watch one night with your significant other, or with the whole family. You can even use a cell phone lookup tool to invite friends from church to watch it with you. The film follows David’s struggle as he tries to make it home after escaping from a prison camp. While some people might be cynical towards this light-hearted film, it has plenty of redemptive qualities.

Not Action-Packed

David after his escape.
David trying to find his way home.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t the most action-packed movie ever made. It’s actually a little slow, especially if you’re used to watching fast-paced films. But you should give I Am David a chance, even though it’s not a perfect movie. I’d say it’s a must-watch, especially with kids or anyone else who loves sentimental movies.

Mediocre Acting

My one complaint about I Am David is that the acting is largely mediocre. Aside from a couple of the more experienced actors, some of the acting comes across as a little cheesy. If you want a movie full of A-list actors, you’ll have to look somewhere else. I Am David isn’t it. However, it’s a movie with plenty of good moments all the same.

If you’re looking for a good movie that’s appropriate for the whole family, watch I Am David. It can inspire kids to find their voice and who they are. In addition, if your kids use smartphones, you need to be wary of who they’re talking to. One of the best ways to deal with this is by doing a cell phone lookup on their contacts. This way, you’ll find out who’s really on the other side of their screen. I Am David a wonderful film for children, but there are too many other inappropriate movies and online predators out there.