Limiting Beliefs That Will Change Your Perception About Money

Putting your money at the top of your priority does not guide you in learning how to be successful in life. Even though it is a part of the journey, your destination isn’t about making money your baby. If you put your head into the right mindset about money, nothing is impossible with your desired success.

Success coaching talks so much about money but maybe it’s starting to sound a little bit overboard. If you think you’re not handling your voyage towards success very well, try checking out these limiting beliefs that will change your perception about money:

  • The importance of money

The money you have is a portion of the fruit of your labor. You have to give importance on how much time you spent outside of your home just to earn that money. Draw the line of your money’s importance in order for you to set your mind onto how you value any amount you possess.

  • Money is for spending

Money is for spending on the right reasons. Spend it mostly for things you need and occasionally, for the things you want, too. You’re not exerting effort to throw away your earnings. Make sure a part of your money goes on your savings and/or investments to help you grow in money-making.

  • Financial reality

It’s always up to you on how you look at your financial reality. If you think you’re rich, so be it. If you think you’re poor, well, try to think better thoughts than that. Remember that you’re the one handling your money, your decisions will lead you to your financial stability.

  • Family treasure

Don’t depend on your family’s wealth or the lack of it. You build your own treasure.

  • The only way is to work “hard”

We all work. Some work hard, while some work smart. Be smart with the way you work and you don’t have to work “that” hard.

  • Money for happiness

Don’t ever rely on money for happiness or you will end up hating it. There’s no truth in “money can buy happiness.” Your happiness is a choice you make. The money will just assist you in getting simple pleasures in life. But, it can never buy something priceless like your happiness.

  • “Money is the root of all evil”

Don’t blame money for your bad decisions. The root of evil is not the money you spent, it’s your choices on how you handle your money.

Is An Open Marriage Right For You?

Many people secretly think about having an open marriage but don’t think that they could really do it. If you’ve been with your spouse for a long time or if you are just very independent you may have wondered if an open marriage would make you both happier. An open marriage can be tough, and there are many people that try to open their marriage in order to save their marriage without fixing the problems in the marriage and they end up getting divorced. An open marriage isn’t a cure for a bad marriage. But if your marriage is stale, or if you feel like you’re not getting something that you need then an open marriage might be right for you.

I Wondered

I was afraid to talk to my husband about an open marriage, I wondered what he would say. And I wondered how I would handle it if he slept with someone else. But I really was curious about it. When I started doing some research to find out more. I love my husband, and our marriage, and our life together. I love our home and our weekend brunches and holiday parties and all the other things we do as a couple. But I also wanted to the chance to connect with people who share the hobbies and interests that I have that my husband doesn’t share. I wanted the chance to connect with new people and have passion in my life again.

One day when we were at our usual marriage therapy sessions I brought up the idea of an open marriage. My husband was shocked. And at first, he was adamant that he wouldn’t even consider it. But after about a week he said that he would be willing to discuss it. We both started reading everything we could find about successful open marriages. And the next time we had a counseling appointment we talked with our counselor about possibly opening the marriage.

The Marriage

It was another six months before we really opened the marriage. In the meantime, we both had to improve our communication skills. Opening up the marriage has meant that we both need to be very respectful of each other’s privacy. We both need to communicate well. There was one glitch early on in the opening of the marriage that made wonder if we had made a mistake. We had dates with other people on the same night. I came home that night and my husband didn’t. And I laid in our bed and cried knowing he was sleeping with someone else.


But when I woke up he was there, and we had our usual Sunday brunch and walk in the park just like we always did. Eventually, I learned to control my jealousy and so did he. Now we’ve had an open marriage for a long time and I wouldn’t go back to a closed marriage. I love having the freedom to connect with other people and I love being married. An open marriage gives us both what we need to really be happy.

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How Often Do You Really Need To Upgrade Your Electronics?

It’s about the time of year when our cell phone provider asks if we want to upgrade our phones. Usually, we say no, because there’s nothing wrong with the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6S that my husband and I are using. But since the kids really want new cell phones this year we decided it’s finally time to upgrade to the new iPhone X series phones for the whole family. And that got me thinking about how many other electronics we use and when was the last time we updated all of those.

I was shocked to realize that our TV is seven years old. My computer is five years old, and our tablets are still first generation iPads. We have been so focused on upgrading the kid’s technology like phones, console games, and computer for school that my husband and I haven’t updated our own electronics in a long time.

And yet, I’m not sure we’ve really suffered because we haven’t upgraded. My computer does everything I need it to do. My phone works fine. I will admit I would l like a new iPad Pro but my Kindle still works too. Most people don’t need to get a full new suite of electronics every year.

If you decide to upgrade your electronics and your old ones still work you there are a lot of things that you can do with them besides throwing them out that will really help people who don’t have access to technology at all like:

Donate Them To A Senior Center

Many seniors on fixed incomes can’t afford to have iPhones or iPads or expensive computers and they need help to use technology like that. If you donate your older electronics that are still in good shape to a local senior’s center the staff can help the seniors use your tablets, computers, and old phones to video chat with their families, watch movies, listen to music, and play games that can help them retain memory and cognitive function.

Donate Them To A School Or Daycare

You could also donate them to a school or daycare center that can use these older pieces of technology to help kids become familiar with computers and learn how to go online safely. Many cash-strapped schools and daycare centers don’t have the money to keep up their technology so donating computers and tablets can really help them prepare kids for the future.

Sell Them And Donate The Money

There are electronics resale shops where you can sell older models of technology for cash. If you want to help organizations in your community have better access to technology you can sell your older pieces of technology and then donate the money to an organization that needs help to cover the cost of new computers and tablets that are accessible to members of the community.

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Is Smart Home AI Useful Or Creepy

There are a lot of ways that smart home AI, like the Amazon Echo, can make life much easier. It’s pretty amazing what the Echo and other artificial intelligence devices can do. But they can also be next-level creepy when they malfunction. A few months ago there was a story going around that the Amazon Echo virtual assistant Alexa would randomly start laughing in a creepy, human sounding, maniacal laugh at random times. Some users who heard the laugh described it as a witch laugh. And Alexa has been known to start talking to an empty room as if there were a person in it and other creepy things. So is having a smart some AI device worth it or is it just too creepy? That depends on your definition of creepy.

Why Is It Creepy?

We experienced several creepy occurrences with our Amazon Echo and finally, I had my husband unplug it and put in the garage because even though it was useful it was just too creepy to keep using. For me, the creepy events started with the laugh that other users were having problems with. According to Amazon, it was some kind of glitch. But it sounded so real, and so menacing, that it made my spine tingle. The first time I heard it I was home with my son. We were reading a book in his bedroom at night and all of a sudden the Echo Dot in his room kicked on, and Alexa gave out that creepy laugh. My son was so scared he ended up sleeping with us in our bed that night.

The next time I heard it I was home alone watching a movie. I had just finished the laundry and I told Alexa to turn off the smart dryer and shut off the laundry room lights. The lights flickered, then went off, then went back on. And she laughed that creepy laugh at me. I grabbed my keys and fled to a coffee shop.

Imagine Alexa in a place like this

The Laugh

The last time I heard the laugh I was cooking and I was expecting my husband and son any second. My husband had stopped to pick up my son on his way home from work so I was getting dinner ready. I’d had a quiet afternoon and I was looking forward to family dinner. When I was chopping carrots all of a sudden Alexa started laughing. That creepy laugh again. The lights flickered and then the doorbell alarm went off but when I looked at the camera there was no one at the door. Alexa gave off the creepy witch laugh again. And that was it for me.

When my husband came home I told him what happened and I made him look all around the house to be sure there was no one prowling around that could have set off the doorbell. When I was satisfied that there was no one there I told him to put the Echo in the garage and leave it unplugged and boxed up. He thought I was nuts, but he did it anyway. And Alex is staying out in the garage until I’m convinced that the creepy laugh was a glitch like they say and not something more sinister.